The induction ceremony of district 10 of the ICD European section took place on Saturday 17 July 2021 at the Hyatt Hotel in Milan. The Regent of District 10, Professor Mauro LABANCA has organised the first ever district induction ceremony of the ICD European section. Ten Inductees were installed as Fellow of the College by Professor Mauro LABANCA in an impressive way and in a wonderful ambiance. District 10 has set a new highest level of competence to organise such an eloquent meeting with Fellows from all regions of Italy in a difficult time where restrictions in travelling within Europe is still the rule.

Nicolò VERCELLINI, Inductee district 10:

“Entering this room on the notes of the official ICD anthem was an emotion that will hardly fade from my memory”


Impression of the induction ceremony

by Filippo MANFROI, photographer 

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