Report ICD Induction ceremony District-10 Italy

17th July 2021

Saturday, I joined the International College of Dentists! For years I had been reading the acronym FICD on the letterhead of my mentor and godfather Tiziano Testori and when he offered me the opportunity to present my candidacy to the Registrar Prof. Mauro Labanca, I didn’t hesitate for even a minute. I knew the College only for its fame and I have always experienced it as one of those realities so exclusive that they are almost unattainable. I had consulted the site a few times and found those values ​​that I defend in my clinical practice, but even earlier in my daily life. I have always thought: “It would be an honor to be part of a group of dentists who are so good and committed to others tomorrow”.

On Saturday I arrived at the venue early and excited, I had many doubts about my ability to rise to the occasion. I was immediately welcomed by some Fellows, who in a friendly tone, made themselves immediately available to indicate how the day would take place and what the steps of the induction ceremony would be. The family atmosphere that I breathed motivated me to give my best in this new life experience and spurred me to invest my strength in the proposals that the College will want to submit in the future.

A special thanks to my mentor Tiziano Testori and to the Registrar Mauro Labanca for giving me this honorable recognition.