58th Annual Meeting Copenhagen, Denmark

Under the headline: Changing paradigms in dentistry – there were   lectures demonstrating how Lasers in Periodontology can change the outcome of treatment by Francesco Martelli. We saw the importance of planning implants top-down and how to do that in Ashok Sethi’s lecture. It was shown by Tif Qureshi how minor orthodontics could change major preparation of teeth in to minor alterations and bleaching to produce great esthetic results. David Winkler focused on Ethics in Esthetics, and raised the question wether massive tooth preparation in order to alter Esthetics were within the Ethics of being a lege artis dentist in 2013. John Orloff showed us some interesting details that led to major failures in implantology, and Dr. Park from Korea informed about his company. The Open Forum was as a new thing placed in between the other lectures, and Miguel Pavao, Vicente Lozano and Hani Farr told us about the ICD- Europe supported projects.