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European Section Publications

The European section of the International College of Dentists uses three major medium of communication with its members and interested parties outside the ICD.


The ICDIGEST is an annual journal that represents a summary of the previous year’s activities as well as feature articles and invited manuscripts on issues of importance to dentistry. Since the ICDIGEST is a print media, it is essential that the articles meet the test of a relevancy and be of interest to the readers throughout the year of publication. Distribution is geared principally to fellows of the section and ICD leaders worldwide.

ICD Eurogram

The ICD Eurogram is an email based program that provides timely, brief items of interest and news alerts throughout the year to all European section’s fellows with current email addresses. The ICD Eurogram serves as convenient tool for disseminating important news, updates as well as time sensitive announcements from the leadership. A unique feature unique feature of this communication total is that each brief news item listed is linked to the web site or other source where more comprehensive information is available. Also, the ICD Eurogram is designed so one can navigate directly to areas on the web site without having to go via the web site’s home page.

ICD European Section Web site

The web site is a flexible media allowing for easy and rapid up dates of information and graphics regarding section resources, officers and governing information as well as the ability to easily adopt new subject areas. Additionally, district’s each had their own page and under the direction of their regent is able to display current information and news about the countries and fellows within their districts. The web site is a dynamic media and allows for change literally overnight. Unlike the ICD Eurogram or ICDIGEST, the web site is available (except for the “members only” section) to anyone who clicks onto the site.

Section V Introductory Brochure

A 16 page brochure which explains the history, governance and current activities of the ICD worldwide and specific information about the European Section (Section V) is available to all interested parites. The brochure can be viewed on the Section’s website. Printed copies are available from District Regents or the Registrar.