Finally, everything is sorted, finished and tidied up. My job as webmaster of the European Section ends after 12 years with the final action of publishing the ICDigest 2024 on our website! On behalf of the ICD, my thanks to Peter Leclercq from the Netherlands for his tireless efforts. He has been an outstanding web developer and designer. At the time, the website had to be completely rebuilt from scratch due to the many ‘copy and paste’ operations. It is admirable how Peter managed this with the many different requests from the different countries. Never long waits, always immediate action. This was still under my responsibility as Editor, from 2018 as independent webmaster within the ICD European Section. In the end, the website underwent many changes to meet the needs of existing Fellows and Regents. However, the information available to third parties was becoming too limited, partly due to increasingly strict data protection regulations in various countries. Now it is the time to adapt this medium to today’s world, where social media play such an important role in communication. The website is back in good hands with the section Editor after many years. I wish our current Editor Michael Thomas much success and enjoyment in developing the new website. And I hope you enjoy reading this latest edition of ICDigest 2024. Goodbye and best wishes.

Walter van Driel, The Netherlands

ICDigest 2024

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