In a suburb of Florence, the annual meeting of the Italian District took place on 16 October at the comfortable Hotel Villa Neroli. The day consisted of two parts, the dental congress with phenomenal speakers and, in the afternoon, the ICD meeting.

In the morning, Regent Mauro Labanca introduced Immediate Past President Walter van Driel (Netherlands) and the congress speakers in his well-known distinguished manner. Prof Dr. Massimo de Sanctis presided over the content of the congress and gave the floor to Dr. Fabio Gorni (The rationale for endodontic tooth restoration. New endodontic materials, advantages, and limitations), Dr Davide Guglielmi (Moving the margin or lengthening the clinical crown: indications, operative technique). Prof Dr. Massimo de Sanctis presented in a great duo presentation with Dr Guglielmi the relationship between composite restorations and periodontal tissues (The synergy between periodontal plastic surgery and conservative dentistry). The interesting and instructive programme was concluded by Prof de Sanctis with a lecture on the always controversial endo-periodontal lesions (Muco-gingival surgery approach to treatment).

A very engaging and lively discussion took place between the Fellows and the speakers where it became clear that the level of knowledge and expertise was at a very high level.


In the afternoon of the ICD meeting, potential new Fellows were introduced, and relevant ICD issues discussed. Mauro Labanca’s future successor as the new Regent, Antonio Barone was also introduced.

This wonderfully well-organised annual meeting ended in a family-friendly restaurant. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere as usual at the ICD, full of joy and friendship!