On November 12, the 3rd ICD-FOS Scientific Solidarity Meeting was held in Seville, in benefit of the Philip Dear Foundation. This time with the participation of the University of Seville and with the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Professor José Luis Gutiérrez Pérez.

The venue chosen was the Real Círculo de Labradores and the event was presented by Dr. Antonio Castaño, Professor at the University of Seville, Fellow of the I.C.D. and president of the Fundación Odontologia Social Luis Seíquer (F.O.S.).

Several high-quality presentations took up the morning. Dr. Roberto Aza (U.A.X.) “Dynamic navigation in endodontics”. Dr. Jesús Santos (U.B.) “Evidence in the clinic through CBT”. Dr. Pere Riutord (Vice-Dean of the Degree in Dentistry of the University School ADEMA-UIB) “Introduction to haptic and holographic simulation in the planning of real dental treatments”. Dr Ignacio Barbero (U.S.) “Microscopy in endodontics. Current status”. The closing of the event corresponded to Dr. Santiago Jane Noblom, Regent for Spain of the International College of Dentists and of course, in his words, in addition to thanking everyone for their presence, he recalled the motto of the ICD which is “Recognizing the service and the opportunity to serve”.

The event was attended by more than 150 people, mainly students from the University of Seville in their final year of undergraduate and master’s degrees, along with members of the ICD from different parts of Spain.

The Real Circulo de Labradores is one of the oldest Society in Spain, founded in 1859, with more than 160 years of history, by concession of H.M. Alfonso XIII, it holds the title of Royal, which was granted in 1917. It offers a spectacular setting for the celebration of events such as this one, full of history and solemnity.