On Thursday 4 November 2021, we held our induction ceremony at the Groote Industrieele Club in Amsterdam and installed our four new Fellows, Paulien de Boer, Johan Cossée, Frithjof Kroon and Tim Meijer

Master Frans Kroon gave a passionate speech about the history of the ICD and its goals and aims.

Walter van Driel read out the pledge with great conviction. In order to give our new Fellows an impression how we are used to conducting the induction ceremony abroad, we tried to make the ceremony as stylish as possible. The ambiance of the library of the Groote Industrieele Club certainly contributed to this. The new Fellows and all our other members were impressed and experienced this evening as very special.

Eric Fritchy has been introduced as the new Vice-Regent and will take over my task after the congress in 2023 in Amsterdam.

Mies Buisman, ICD Regent Benelux.