From left to right  Prof. Argirios Pissiotis ICD World Vice President, Prof. Aris Petros Tripodakis ICD Europe Past President, Regent District 7, Dr Leonidas Batas Peridontist new Fellow from Thessaloniki, Dr Petros Kokkinos Orthodontist new Fellow from Limassol Cyprus, Dr Dimitrios Emmanuel Vice Regent District 7.

As the Induction Ceremony of 2020 was cancelled along with the meeting in Porto Portugal which was postponed for 2022, District 7 of Greece and Cyprus organized the induction of its new Fellows at the Autumn District meeting held in Athens, on Sunday noon, November 14 2021. Electra Palace Athens was the five-star hotel where the meeting was hosted.

At the lecture room the event was supported by a colorful Power Point audiovisual presentation. The meeting started with the ICD anthem, followed by the introductory speech of the Regent, Past President ICD Europe, Prof. Aris Petros Tripodakis. After giving a concise history of the District, acknowledging the founding service that Dr Papasotiriou and that of ICD Master Prof. Tsoutsos had provided in the past, the video recordings of the Pledge red by the M,C, Walter Van Driel and the address to the inductees of our President Dr Gil Alcoforado were presented.

The Induction Ceremony followed. Dr Leonidas Batas a Periodontist from Thessaloniki Greece and Dr Petros Kokkinos an Orthodontist from Limassol Cyprus were the two inductees of 2021.

2021 Induction ICD-EU November 14_03
District 7 ICD Dinner at the Hotel Rooftop.

The meeting at the lecture room was ajourned by a short presentation of the Scientific and Social Program of the 65th annual meeting in Porto. Sunday Dinner followed at the rooftop restaurant of the Hotel, under the spectacular view of the Acropolis of Athens.

Reflecting the spirit of Service and the Opportunity to Serve, Dr Niki Kokkinos the wife of Petros Kokkinos the new Fellow from Cyprus, adressed a hearty short communication titled: “I care”: The spirit of applied and campaigned dental prevention inside and outside the dental office.