ICDigest 2021

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Page Contents Editor
4 Editorial: Looking forward Nairn Wilson
5 Message from the International President Akira Senda
6 News from the Districts 2021 Michael Thomas
10 Humanitarian Activities 2019-2020 Walter van Driel
16 Twenty years partnership between universities of the Republic of Moldova and the USA Diana Uncuta
18 Is antimicrobial resistance the next big problem for dentistry? Wendy Thompson, Susie Sanderson and Jalpal
21 Post-Covid leadership in dentistry Simon Gambold
24 FDI Vision 2030 David Williams and Michael Glick
26 The Council of European Chief Dental Officers Kenneth Eaton
30 Ukranian dentists and the International College of Dentists Oxana Denga
31 Revisiting evidence-based dentistry twenty years after its inception Kamran Ali and Elizabeth Kay
34 Repair vs replacement of dental restorations Igor Blum
38 Saving teeth through education, research and clinical practice Gunnar Bergenholtz, Claus Löst, Dag Ørstavik and Paul Dummer
42 The use of L-PRF in dental practice Gil Alves Alcoforado
Isabel Alcoforado and Nelson Pinto
46 2020 International Council Meeting
47 Letter from the President Gil Alves Alcoforado