Volunteer Church1

Volunteer assistance to defenders

Ukrainian dentists in the conditions of military aggression in Donbass, which has been going on for 6 years, have organised a mobile dental clinic on a volunteer basis to provide assistance to the military defenders of the Country and the local population including children.

The project is located 25 km from Donetsk, the occupied center of Donbass, and includes 5 dental chairs and a dental laboratory that was created with funds raised by the dental community. Only coordinators work locally, but doctors, assistants and dental technicians come from different cities of Ukraine for a short time. In this center dental care is available in a wide range – from professional dental hygiene to implantation surgery. For this there is a computer tomography, dental X-ray machines and two microscopes …

An interesting feature of the project, which is called Dental Trident, is that a wooden church in the Carpathian tradition was built as a waiting room according to the original project. The library is open for visitors around the clock, so the doors are never closed and there is no lock on the doors. The initiator of this project is the Inductee of the European Section Dr. Myron Uhryn, and the opening of the interfaith church as a waiting room was the reason for my participation as a Regent in this project. (view pictures)                                                                                                       

During the visit an opening ceremony of the church as the waiting room, I also provided medical assistance in the style of “Waterloo teeth”, once the lower central incisor was removed it was immediately used for a temporary bridge. (view pictures)

There are a lot of volunteers, so the project accumulates a lot of experience in interaction between doctors and assistants from different dental schools, different cities on the basis of unified treatment protocols, in order to predictably and consistently restore the dental health of patients.

Serhiy Radlinsky
Regent of the District 15
European Section ICD