Corona virus

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee of the European Section of the ICD has decided to postpone the Annual Meeting, which was supposed to take place in Oporto, Portugal next June 11th to 14th 2020, until next year.

Thanks to the generosity of the following ICD Presidents, Dr. Walter van Driel and Dr. Dov Sydney, who postponed their own meetings to the following years, i.e., Amsterdam will be held in 2022 and Jerusalem will be held in 2023, the meeting in Oporto is now confirmed to take place from June 24th to the 27th 2021. The program will be the same, and we were able to maintain the same hotels and the same venues for all the scientific and social events.

For those who have already registered and paid hotels and in case they want to maintain their reservations, we assure them that these fees will not increase. Also, as a token of our appreciation in maintaining your registration, we can guarantee there will be no increase in neither the registration fee nor in hotel accommodation as well as gifting you, at your arrival, with a special present.

For those who would prefer their money back, this will obviously be possible. However, in case the payment was done through a bank transfer, the CPO will deduct 50 € from the total amount paid by the participant. In the case of payments done through a credit card, apart from the 1.8% the Visa/MasterCard/any other card charges, an extra 30 € will be charged by the CPO.

I am absolutely disheartened to bring you this sad news but postponing the Annual Meeting is done primarily for the safety of every Participant. It will be a long journey for everyone, and I would like to wish you an uneventful time and I would also wish that you stay safe and healthy.

See You all in Oporto in June 2021.

Warmest regards,

Gil Alves Alcoforado

Gil Alcoforado
President of the ICD-European Section