BORM Milan 26 10 2019

During the weekend of October 26th 2019 the Winter Board Meeting of Regents was held in Milan, Italy.

Regents from 15 Districts have discussed relevant issues under the presidency of Dr. Gil Alcoforado. President Alcoforado, Registrar Labanca, Treasurer de Wit, Editor Wilson, Webmaster van Driel and Immediate Past President Pissiotis shared their report with the Board. International Chair of Global Visionary Fund- Director of Development Dowell discussed the district structure and membership drive which gave many thoughts. All Regents have shown the activities in their districts. All districts seems flourishing although it was mentioned that more effort must be made to invite more potential candidates for Fellowship. Chairman of the Presidential Scientific Advisory Committee Tripodakis presented valuable items for upcoming Annual Meetings. Alcoforado presented Porto, Portugal 11-13 June 2020, van Driel presented Amsterdam, The Netherlands 23-27 June 2021 and finally Winocur presented Jerusalem, Israel 12-15 June 2022.

In the evening the traditional Regents Dinner was held in a very special restaurant devoted to Luciano Pavarotti. The dinner was very entertaining because of the specific atmosphere and the beautiful music of the famous maestro. And of course as always the meticulous organisation by the Registrar Mauro Labanca.